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The Triggerman's Dance The Triggerman's Dance
"A jolting thriller like The Triggerman's Dance delivers more than a rush...A great deal of ingenuity has gone into the plotting..."

The New York Times



Six months after Rebecca Harris was murdered in front of the Orange County Journal offices, Joshua Weinstein discovers the identity of her murderer: Vann Holt, a brilliant military tactician and leader of a right-wing private security organization. Now, all he needs is the proof. And the only person he knows who is as driven about avenging the murder is John Menden. Using the most sophisticated FBI techniques and equipment, this unlikely duo teams up to bring down the man that ruined their lives. But neither expects that the man who is their target will be quite so intelligent and cunning, nor his daughter quite so alluring.

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After the personal writing of the previous book, SUMMER OF FEAR, I drew back and tried to write a more formal, distanced kind of thriller. No surprise, it's about grief and loss and longing and the impossibility of changing some things. It's about loyalty to an idea that may not be a healthy loyalty, you know, the way that we devote ourselves to suspect causes. It's about two men who loved the same murdered woman, and the way that neither of them can let go. I like this book a lot. I think I was just beginning to learn the value of economy of words. It's a little leaner than anything I'd done. There's a variable POV, also, which is something I'd wanted to try for a while. I love the last image, which is of the hero standing in the rain, wondering if the woman he loves—but who can never love him—will call someday. I'm a sucker for those bittersweet emotions.

Hyperion Books US hardcover June 1996 ISBN 0786861428
Hyperion US mass-market paperback Feb 1998 ISBN 0786889179
Headline UK hardcover August 1996 ISBN 0747218560
Headline UK mass-market paperback June 1997 ISBN 0747255652
Thorndike hardcover (large print) Dec 1996 ISBN 078620897X
Random House US audio cassette unabridged ISBN 0736635831
Soundelux audio July 1996 ISBN 1559352140


An engrossingly complex thriller that's also damned scary.
   —New York Daily News

A stunning work, so hypnotic and beautiful that when I finished it, I turned to Page 1 and started all over again.
   —Washington Post

A jolting thriller like The Triggerman's Dance delivers more than a rush...A great deal of ingenuity has gone into the plotting, but it is the force of all this manly rage that carries Mr. Parker's true conviction.
   —The New York Times Book Review

The beauty of The Triggerman's Dance is the intricacy of the relationships between the characters.
   —Calgary Sun