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Storm Runners Storm Runners
"[Parker] again displays an uncanny ability to render a swift plot, pitch- perfect dialogue, and deeply troubled characters who are impossible to forget."




Matt Stromsoe has come a long way since his wife and son were killed in an explosion that was meant for him. Wounded severely, Matt gave up the last thing that had any meaning—his job on the police force—and proceeded to hit rock bottom, hard.

That was a lifetime ago. It took time and a lot of hard work, but Stromsoe has his act together, learning to see life anew through the one eye he's got left. But now Stromsoe's new life is about to collide with his past. When he's hired by an old cop friend to work in his private security firm, Stromsoe's first case is to protect local television personality Frankie Hatfield from a stalker. As Stromsoe discovers, maybe it's not Frankie's fame but her private pursuits that have made her a target. The more he uncovers, the closer Stromsoe gets to a killer's bull's-eye. For Stromsoe's old nemesis proves that prison is no safeguard against the worst kind of revenge.

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 Jeff Parker on STORM RUNNERS

STORM RUNNERS started thirty something years ago when I was in high school in Tustin, California. One of my classmates was a guy named Bill. He was affable and easy-going, and he was the drum major who led the marching band. One night some kids who thought they were way cooler than the marching band—I was one of them—hid in the darkness around the football field and when the band was practicing under the lights we bombed them with oranges. Much to our surprise Bill jumped the fence, ran a few of us down and administered some swift justice. Two years after graduating from high school Bill found himself patrolling the Watts section of L.A. as a rookie patrolman with the LAPD, having traded his baton for a gun.

At another Southern California high school not far away in space or time, a bright Latino student got himself a full ride to Harvard. He did pretty well there but he said he never felt like he fit in. He didn't like being a poster boy for Equal Opportunity. On his visits home from Harvard he robbed liquor stores at gunpoint and until they finally caught him and sent him to prison.

What if these two boys had known each other? What if they were high school friends? What if they grew up in the same neighborhood and liked the same girl? What if one came to be the most powerful Mexican Mafia gangster in the world, and the other's job was to catch him?

And what if it all comes down to a bomb blast and an arguable miracle that gives a ruined man one more chance at life?

You get the idea.


Enjoy the old friends.

Morrow US hardcover Feb 2007 ISBN 0060854235
HarperCollins UK hardcover May 2007 ISBN 0007202598
HarperCollins trade paperback May 2007 ISBN 0007202563
HarperLargePrint trade paperback April 2007 ISBN 0061233137
Brilliance Audio MP3-CD (unabridged) Feb 2007 9781423305897
Brilliance Audio CD (abridged) Feb 2007
                ISBN 9781423305934 / ISBN 1423305930
Brilliance Audio CD (unabridged) Feb 2007
                ISBN 9781423305873 / ISBN 1423305884
Brilliance Audio (download) Feb 2007 ISBN 9781423305910


Most good crime novels have memorable bad guys, but in the works of two-time Edgar winner Parker, the hero’s greatest enemy often resides within himself. That’s the case with Parker’s latest creation, Matt Stromsoe, a former San Diego police detective whose wife, Hallie, and son were killed by a bomb intended for him. Scarred inside and out, Matt must cope with survivor’s guilt and the formidable task of rebuilding his life. His rehabilitation includes a job as bodyguard for beautiful television weather woman Frankie Hatfield, who is being stalked. (Frankie has taken up the research of her great-great grandfather Charles Hatfield, a real-life San Diego scientist who discovered the formula for making rain). The seemingly simple assignment ultimately leads Stromsoe back to old foes, namely former high-school friend Mike Tavarez, who attended Harvard, only to return to his native San Diego and become one of the most powerful members of the Mexican Mafia. The two men have been at war since Matt rescued Hallie from an abusive relationship with Mike. Of the young gangster, Parker writes: "He looked like an angel about to change sides." [Parker] again displays an uncanny ability to render a swift plot, pitch-perfect dialogue, and deeply troubled characters who are impossible to forget.
   —Booklist (starred review)