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Summer of Fear
"Scary and irresistible...This crackling tale should leave you waiting for Parker's next dark jewel."

Chicago Tribune



The Orange County police are keeping serial murders under wraps, and Russ Monroe has a desperate need to know why. Because he just found the bludgeoned body of the latest victim—his beautiful ex-lover. And because the two men observed at the murder scene have become rivals for the role of prime suspect. One is Laguna Beach's homicide detective. The other is Monroe himself. The murder scene looks exactly like the others. The eerie difference is, he knew this victim all too well, yet apparently all too little—and the police aren't even investigating. Something is maddeningly wrong. Knowledge is dangerous here. And Russ—catastrophically for everything he holds to be true—is about to partake.

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 Jeff Parker on SUMMER OF FEAR

This is a personal book, a howl of protest. My wife, Cat, was dying of cancer while I wrote it, and it's about a crime writer whose wife is dying of cancer. I was completely consumed by what Cat was going through, and I couldn't write about anything else. It struck me as I looked at her and her suffering that she was given cancer so that some other person—such as myself—would not have to get cancer. It struck me that she was heroic for that. I also got to thinking about the randomness of cancer and the random ways that violent psychopaths can strike. This was not long after the Nightstalker, Richard Ramirez, was breaking into houses on hot summer nights and laying waste to people. So, between the cancer and the Nightstalker and my own bellowing heart, SUMMER OF FEAR was born. It's a hard book for me to go back and look at. I'm proud of it. I've had a lot of people tell me that it helped through similar situations with loved ones and illness. I'm extremely thankful that I could help in some small way.

St. Martins US hardcover July 1993 ISBN 0312093969
St. Martin's US mass-market paperback June 1994 ISBN 0312952376
HarperCollins UK hardcover Nov 1993 ISBN 0002239345
HarperCollins UK mass-market paperback Feb 1995 ISBN 0006476406
Sound Library hardcover (largeprint) March 1995 ISBN 0792720601
Sound Library trade paperback (largeprint) March 1995 ISBN 0792720598
Bookcassette cassettes (unabridged) August 1993 ISBN 1561005266


Hard to put down, harder to forget.
   —San Diego Union-Tribune

Scary and irresistible...This crackling tale should leave you waiting for Parker's next dark jewel.
   —Chicago Tribune

Skillfully written...Packed with heart-stopping action...Like careening down a steep road without brakes.
   —Detroit Free Press

Parker is a potent and irresistible writer.
   —Los Angeles Times