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Pacific Beat
"T. Jefferson Parker makes the turf of Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald his own with a novel steaming with atmosphere and taut with suspense."

Literary Journal



Ex-cop Jim Weir thought he'd seen it all during his years on the force. That is until he saw the body of his sister Annie, brutally used by a monster in human form, then carelessly discarded. He'd never seen such grief ravage the face of his friend and brother-in-law Ray Cruz, a good cop on the Newport Beach Police Department. When Weir learns that the only witness swore the killer made his escape in a Newport Beach squad car, his disbelief turns to confusion and outrage. Now the anguished Weir is on the killer's trail, looking for answers among his former colleagues, but he's going up against a solid wall of silent blue. And just out of sight, a fractured shadow of a man watches Jim's progress with twisted amusement as he waits for his time to come.

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 Jeff Parker on PACIFIC BEAT

This is an O.J. story five years before O.J. became infamous. I wanted something gray and clammy and treacherous. The hero, Jim Weir, is a down-on-his luck treasure hunter who comes back to his hometown of Newport Beach after spending time in a Mexican jail. Well, what he walks into at home is a lot less pleasant than the Zihuatanejo jail, and Jim follows things to the bitter end. It's a real family-secrets story. My first three books were heavy on family secrets. Critics said they were like Ross Macdonald's books, though I'd only read but one of them. The image that stuck with me through the writing of PACIFIC BEAT was that of a young tall man standing at the bow of a ship moving with difficulty through rough seas. He's sailing toward the truth, though he doesn't want to know it.

St. Martins US hardcover May 1991 ISBN 0312059434
St. Martin's US mass-market paperback May 1992 ISBN 0312927924
HarperCollins UK hardcover January 1992 ISBN 0002238691
HarperCollins UK paperback Dec 1992 ISBN 0006472419


An outstanding, memorable, and magnetic work!
   —Library Journal

T. Jefferson Parker is a powerhouse writer.
   —The New York Times Book Review

T. Jefferson Parker makes the turf of Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald his own with a novel steaming with atmosphere and taut with suspense.
   —Literary Guild

The kind of book you think about long after you finish it... intelligent, sensitive, poignantly real... With Pacific Heat, Mr. Parker emerges as one of our best novelists.
   —Atlanta Journal & Constitution