Hello Readers!

Well the rain is pouring down right now in Fallbrook, our first good storm of the year. Long overdue! Even the TV forecasters were starting to admit we needed it. Last year I got three giant plastic rain barrels, and I ran pipes into them from the rain gutters, so now I get 3,000 gallons of rainwater every season for the plants and trees. I wrote about rain -- much, too much rain -- in Storm Runners. And also in The Jaguar, when a hurricane sweeps Charlie Hood and his $1 million of ransom money into the Tuxpan River.

Brace yourselves for the conclusion to the Charlie Hood series. It's coming on April 18, and it's called The Famous and the Dead. All of the mysteries and rivalries and passions of the previous five novels are revealed, decided and cemented in one big, fat swashbuckling story. I think you'll like it. Right now I'm outlining a new book, and I'll keep you posted on how it's coming.

Until then, stay dry and warm and get your fingers ready to turn pages, fast, on April 18 of 2013!

T. Jefferson Parker

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