Hello Readers!

Well, summer is almost here so I'm putting the finishing touches on my next book. It's called The Jaguar, and it's about Erin McKenna, a talented singer/songwriter, who is kidnapped at gunpoint and held for ransom by a drug lord. She's pregnant, too. Charlie Hood, of course, is dispatched to deliver the money, and he must take it down into the Gulf Cartel stronghold of Yucatan, Mexico. Then things get really interesting! I'll keep you posted on the book, and get some cover art for you to see just as soon as I can.

Now, since I'm almost done with The Jaguar, that means it's time to start the next book. Staring at five hundred blank pages puts a writer in an odd state of mind, for sure. My first thought on starting a new novel is: yikes, can I do it again? My second is: hmmm...what if...

And then the imagination kicks in and I'm off and running. Sometimes it takes weeks to get to the point where I can actually write the first sentence. I'll read through my clip files, daydream, ponder.

Sometimes that first sentence just pops out, and I can guess where it is going to lead me. Some books are stubborn; they don't want to be written. Some are eager to please, and basically write themselves.

But there's more to life than work! I hope to get some fishing in, and maybe do some planting and landscaping around our house. Summer time is family time, so we'll be hitting the beach and the barbecue and the mountains.

What's up with you? Any plans for summer? If you have time, visit me on Facebook and let me know. Some of our best vacations have been trips suggested by friends and readers.

Best and Soon,
T Jefferson Parker

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