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I hope you liked The Border Lords contest. The books are on their way to the winners! It was fun thinking up questions and having you answer them and just generally getting to know you. And some of the answers were very thought-provoking! So thanks for coming out to play.
I'm happy to report that The Border Lords will be published January 11. It's a harrowing tale about undercover agent Sean Ozburn, who infiltrates a notorious Mexican drug cartel, then seems to lose his moral compass to embark on a murderous, mysterious journey south of the border.

Of course, his friend Charlie Hood is sent to stop him and bring Oz back into the fold. As the story develops Ozburn comes to believe that hidden powers are fighting for his attention, and we readers sense that this talented, tortured man is being influenced over by forces he can't control. The truth is, in all modesty, devastating.

I'll be seeing some of you at various events in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange counties. I'll also be in Scottsdale, Houston, Denver and St. Louis, so if you're in the neighborhood please stop by and say hello. There's a good schedule on the T. Jefferson Parker website.

Last but not least, thanks for reading. I value every person who reads a TJP book. I work hard to entertain you and I want you to feel rewarded for your effort. I do!

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