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  1. When's the next novel due?
  2. What does the T. stand for?
  3. How can I get in touch with Jeff?
  4. I have a great idea for a novel; would Jeff be interested in reading it/writing it/helping me to write it?
  5. Do you have an autographed book plate you can send me?
  6. I signed up for the mailing list but haven't received a newsletter yet. Why?
  7. What about movies based on Jeff's novels?

When's the next novel due?

You can find information of Jeff's upcoming novels by checking back with our website.  As information develops, we will publish it here at TJeffersonParker.Com. Alsdo, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and on Facebook for the latest info!


What does the T. stand for?

Not a thing. No, really. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Jeff's mom always explained it by saying she thought the T. would look good on the President's door.


How can I get in touch with Jeff?

Email me to reach the author. Whenever there's a break, Jeff loves to read your email—what could be better than getting feedback from your readers after closeting yourself in an office writing all the time?

Unfortunately, due to volume, he isn't able to answer it all. We're really sorry that personal replies aren't always possible but we figure it's like this: the more time Jeff spends writing novels, the happier we'll all be, right? So, if you need a reply from Jeff, please be patient. Thanks!


I have a great idea for a novel. Can I discuss it with Jeff?

If you have a great idea, you should write it yourself and reap the reward. Please don't send any unpublished work or story ideas. These are emails Jeff will never see. His lawyer has sent us strict orders to cull any such requests.


Do you have an autographed book plate you can send me?

If you'd like one signed bookplates, please email me with your mailing address and she'll take care of everything.


I signed up for the mailing list but haven't received a newsletter yet. Why?

Two scenarios may explain this situation:

A) Maybe we haven't sent out a newsletter since you signed up. Last thing we want to be accused of is cramming your Inbox with useless email so when you do get a newsletter from us, it'll be worth reading. I don't know about you, but we get enough spam!

B) We use a Vertical Response Double Opt-In mailing list system which means that if you entered your email address correctly then you would have immediately received a reply email asking you to confirm that you want to join our list.

If you didn't get our reply email then please try again, you may have mistyped your email address or your ISP has blocked it in a misguided attempt to protect you. Our system is completely safe but some spam-blockers are overzealous. Please check with your ISP.

Now, if you DID get a reply email from Vertical Response and didn't click on the link provided, then you won't get Jeff's newsletter. You must confirm your registration to join our mailing list. If you've deleted the email we sent you then just sign up again and when you get our reply, please confirm!


What about movies based on Jeff's novels?

In 1987, HBO made LAGUNA HEAT into a TV movie with Harry Hamlin and Jason Robards. The other novels, especially the Merci Rayborn series, has garnered a great deal of interest from Hollywood. All the novels are either under option or about to be optioned at any given moment. Many novels that are optioned aren't always made into movies right away; that's how Hollywood works. As soon as we have more concrete info (like a kick-off date for production or which lead actors have been cast), we'll let you know right here on the website and in the newsletter. To sign up for Jeff's newsletter, click here.